"My son would get over-stimulated and begin scratching himself. The direct therapy from my ABA therapist decreased the self-injurious behavior to ZERO!"

"Before we started ABA therapy, my husband and I could not sleep in the bed without our son. After therapy, we are able to cozy up uninterrupted. THANK YOU Exemplary Behavior!"

"I learned how to be more patient with my child after learning the parenting strategies from my ABA therapist. "

"I would have never thought that my son could socialize with others. The Opryland Explorer’s Experience has been amazing!”

"My son would throw tantrum as soon as he entered the school building. Our ABA therapist conducted an assessment at home and at the school. By using a simple reinforcer from home, the teacher told me my child has been an angel."

"I was afraid, angry and upset with the IEP process. Our ABA therapist not only attended the IEP meeting, but provided valuable input that the speech therapist and special education teacher included in next year’s IEP."

"My son literally refused to take a bath and brush his teeth for a week. Would you believe that on the first day our ABA Therapist at Exemplary Behavior implemented behavior contracting, he was running up to me almost begging to take a shower!"

"My daughter literally had zero friends. She would stand near the group and pretend that she was a part. Now, she is being invited to parties AND having friends over."